Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gina's parcel has been sent

 My daughter, Gina, who doesn't have a blog and has participated in the Australia Day Swap, asked me to post this photo of her wrapped gifts that she posted off to her partner today.

Hopefully, everyone has sent in today's mail.

Enjoy! and share when you open them please.

Until next post..


  1. I am hoping the little parcels bring much joy to my swap partners face like it did to mine as I was wrapping each and every item that myself and the kids carefully thought of for each letter in Australia :) (My 5yo son thought an Ironman doll was perfect for the letter I.. I on the other hand did not.. Rest assured.. there is no Ironman in the post)

  2. Very nice wrapping Gina. I can imagine your son would be very happy if Ironman turned up in the swap parcels you receive.

  3. Gina's gifties look so cute. You will have to talk her into starting a blog.