Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cutting - Preserving - Growing

This week I have kept myself busy with cutting out projects to keep my Mum and myself busy.

At the moment, Mum is sewing 5 Christmas Swags that I cut out first, so I don't have a photo of them, as she says that I have to now wait until they are finished before a photo is taken.

Below are the makings of 4 cushions (2 of each).  I made the original one years ago and knew I would be making more soon one day.

The following is to make 12 aprons.  The fabric you clearly see is the bottom & top of the apron... the "pretty" fabrics (main part of the apron) are folded inside each.
 I have also been preserving this week.  The photo shows Yellow Zucchini Pickles, plus I made Cucumber Pickles & also Pasta Sauce.

and lastly, this is the first of our Butternut Pumpkins that my other half (Bruce) picked this morning.  He says that there are at least another 10 on the vine.  I will be looking up Pumpkin recipes soon....
....(wonder if you can "preserve" pumpkins?)
Hopefully all the Australia Day Swaps parcels are in Australia Post's hands and on the way to their new owners... let me know when you receive yours, plus post a message on your blog and most importantly, send an email of thanks to your sender (please).

Until next post...

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