Monday, January 27, 2014

My First PAID Quilting Job

After practising on 33 quilting projects of my own, I nervously quilted 2 quilts (edge to edge) on my Gammill Statler Quilting Machine for a friend (Robyn) this weekend.

Everything went without a hitch, but I must admit, even though my machine is computerised and you can set it and leave it to do a row, I stood there the whole time watching each stitch as it went along.

Robyn left the thread and pattern choice up to me..
 I used a yellow thread on the Bright quilt and a pattern called a "Daisy"
on the Tartan quilt I used a navy thread with a pattern called "Wish Upon a Star".

As Robyn struggles with attaching the binding, I did that for her (at no charge), so all she has to do now is hand attach the binding at the back on both quilts.

I was wondering if I should offer adding the binding to all who I quilt for... as I think it looks better to receive a quilt like this from "the quilter" than receiving it with all the extra floppy fabric that has to be cut off before you start the binding!...what do you think?

Now to parcel it up and send it off to her... I only received the quilts on Friday, so I think she will be shocked at the quick turn around!

Until next post...


  1. How exciting!!! So pleased for you and it wont be long before you have quilts sitting waiting for you! Must be very nice having a computerised machine to do all of that....... me, I've just learnt about my quilting foot thingy that attaches to my machine..... what a difference that makes!!

  2. Wow, really pleased for you. It is a nervous time, doing something for someone else for the first time.