Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on seeds

My boyfriend was over last night and I showed him the new seeds. With a wry smile he asked where I intended them to be planted to die?

After much discussion, he has decided to bring a huge pot in, full of potting mixture and place it near my water tank. He will sow the seeds and he expects me to remember to water them.

He also brought in a pot with a well established tomato plant and stake. He told me he gave it the "last rites" before he brought it in to my place.

Yes, my boyfriend knows me well, but if he keeps up with those wise cracks, he may wear the potting mixture REAL SOON!

Until next post...



  1. Good luck with the watering, I have the same problem trying to remember to water and feed pets that don't meow or bark for that matter.

  2. Oh I laughed and laughed at B's comments! toni xxx