Friday, October 30, 2009

That's not a dishcloth.... now THAT'S a dishcloth!

My boyfriend wanted me to knit him a dishcloth, but didn't want one of those "sissy" little ones that I normally make... sissy?..they are 7" square! and big enough for me and everyone else to use.... but he wanted a dish cloth that would cover his hand, and have plenty of cloth to grab... well here is a "man sized" dishcloth next to my normal 7" cloth. Hope he is happy with this size, but being a man, well, I won't continue on that subject!
Now onto my patchwork project. I managed to sew borders on the 26 letters and that is all I had time to do, and I haven't had time this week to continue on it. This is what they look like so far. I am bordering them with the same colour as the letter. Only 3 colours were used in the alphabet.
On another matter... I was too late to join a secret Santa, and can't seem to find one that is open.... so I was wondering if I should start one on my own blog... any takers??? Maybe those who read my blog and are interested, then they could tell their friends??? Let me know please
and then I can start one up... a gift made by you plus maybe a chocolate/sweet added?..
Until next post....


  1. That is definitely a man sized dish cloth! Mind's good to see a man doing the dishes :>)

    Your alphabet quilt is going to be lovely and bright. I'm looking forward to watching it progress over time.

    I'm sorry I don't think I can join another swap as I just know I'll run out of time. But, if you are interested,and are quick, sign up for the Christmas Ornament Swap which doesn't close until the end of tomorrow. Pop over here to Robyn's blog if you are interested. Also, just yesterday Jenny & Vicki opened a Christmas fat quarter swap. Pop over here if this one is of interest. I hope that helps and you can find a few swappers.

  2. good grief, that washcloth is HUGE *lol*
    can't wait to see more of your alphabet quilt!
    toni xxx

  3. Just like a man....never big enough..haha. the alphabet quilt is coming along...looking good.