Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look what the postman brought!

...and here I thought it was going to be another ordinary "hump" day (just in case you don't know what "hump" day means: Wednesday's are called that because they are in the middle of a working week..all up hill to Wednesday, then you are on top of the "hump", then down hill after that!)..... the post "lady" arrived with a padded envelope, so I tore it open to be greeted with this:
Then I went to tear it open, but the environmentally Jewells kicked in, so I carefully cut the sticky tape off and look what I saw!
My secret swap partner from the Washcloth Swap was Lisa - The Chocolate Cat. Apparently Lisa has been overseas and in her first week back, she sat down and knitted my cloths for me and left a lot of her unpacking to do later... isn't she sweet?
Anyways... in my package was the 2 cloths, a chocolate and 2 packets of seeds. One of them is called "Nigella"... never heard of them before, but they look so pretty.
Now, for those who know me, they all must be laughing about 2 things in my package.. the first is the cat washcloth... afraid to say Lisa, I am a real dog lover, and can't handle cats..they freak me out...BUT this cloth will be certainly used on dirty jobs, so PLEASE don't be offended...I am laughing at receiving it...
now secondly... the see, again my friends know a saying I have about my garden and it is "if it thrives on neglect, it will survive in my garden"... you see, I forget to water .... so the Nigella seeds sounds perfect for me as it says:
Sow on surface or just barely covered with soil in a sunny location, protected from wind. Will germinate in 21 - 28 days, flowers approx 15 weeks from sowing.... Care: regular removal of spent flowers prolongs flowering period... NOT ONCE DOES IT MENTION TO WATER THEM. So what do you think? they should survive here eh?
The chocolate is being consumed while I type this.... yummo! Thanks again to the Chocolate Cat...
Until next post...


  1. Hi, Came to visit from Red Boot Quilt Co. glad I did, as you have some interesting posts, I have enjoyed reading you.
    I love dogs too, & we have 2. I do like cats too, but we don't have one currently.

  2. welcome to blogland.......lovely wash cloths from Lise.......she is a lovely blogger......I am with you and hate cats also........

  3. What a great package (even if you don't like cats). I like your idea of using it for the dirty jobs. The Nigela plants are also known as "Love in the Mist". They are super easy to grow (I know because if we can grow them anyone can and we hardly ever water). Mick calls them "Carrots" as the foliage is very similar. Once you have them in the garden you'll always have them as they readily self sow, but are easy to pull out if you don't want too many. They are one of our favourites.

  4. Lovely parcel you received!! BUT you are correct....I know you....cats and seeds.....ROFLOL...hugs, Jane

  5. As you can see I still haven't caught up with myself! You have just given me my laugh for the morning - oops! Guess it didn't enter my head someone could not love cats!!!! I'm a bit the same with seeds which is why the chocolate was added although in a mad moment yesterday I bought some mint seeds to plant in the windowsill because apparently it keeps the flies away!!!!! Whats the bet the seeds will be thrown out unplanted in 12 months time???