Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple of projects

Last weekend I got in and hand sewed October's block for the A Tisket A Tasket BOM that I am in, then added the matching borders by machine this morning before I went to work. Only 2 more months to go for this project, then I will have to come up with outside borders to complete the quilt.

Also over the weekend I started knitting this cardigan AGAIN for my grandson. You see I knitted this one at the beginning of winter for him. As he was then 7 months old I thought size 1-2 years would be plenty big enough, however my daughter sent it back as it is too small for him. My knitting was to the correct tension, so I figure the pattern has very small sizes.

So I am knitting another one for him for next year, or maybe it will be the following year... as I am knitting size 7-8years... now that is going to fit!!

Lucky I had plenty of the wool, as I had bought enough for an adults jumper from the woollen mills. I mainly knit in pure wool, as I feel if I am going to the trouble of knitting something, it might as well be done in nice wool.

Until next post..


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