Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tisket a Tasket

When I started my Tisket a Tasket block of the month, I knew I wasn't going to sew the applique idea, and as I don't like redwork, but love bluework, I decided to make my first block in blue. When February came along, I thought to myself "why not do each month in a different colour?", and this is what the first 6 months looks like.

Also, as this pattern is designed in USA, and I live in Australia, I have omitted the wording on the blocks.

Well that is my second posting AND I included a photo...whoo hoo, I'm getting a hang of this blogging!



  1. Great to see you blogging Julie! Your BOM is coming along beautifully.

  2. Hi Julie, I LOVE what you have done with your baskets! Such a creative idea! Can't wait to see it finished! A great job! Thanks for sharing!