Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Back!

At long last I am back on air and even though I haven't been near the computer, I have been sewing and knitting the past couple of weeks.

I have sewn 2 quilt tops out of left over fabric from other quilts I had made ages ago. The 2 quilt tops are for me to practice on tomorrow (hopefully) as I am going to a lady's place to play with her "old" long arm quilting machine. I want to know if I enjoy quilting. If I don't enjoy it, I won't go any further into looking at machines and will keep sending my quilts to a lady to quilt for me.

I have tried to download the two quilt tops, but I am not having any luck at the moment... will have to try again tomorrow to show you what they look like "before" I attempt to quilt them.

I am also knitting another double breasted cardigan for my 9 month old grandson. I say "another" as the first one I made for him was size 1-2 yrs, however when my daughter received it she said that it was too small for him. I knew he was a big boy, but didn't realise he was that big! so I decided to make the largest size in the pattern (7-8 yrs) and that way he can grow into it! By the looks of the back, it will be sitting in his cupboard for a few years!

Until next posting.. Cheers...Jewells


  1. Hi Julie, glad to have you back! I am so impressed that you are having a go at long arm quilting. I hope it goes well! Can't wait til your photos are up to see your latest projects. Take care, Vanessa

  2. Welcome back! Did you enjoy using the long arm???