Friday, August 28, 2009

Photos of both quilt tops

Here is one of the 2 quilt tops that I made to try my hand at quilting on. I made it from scraps left over from another quilt. I like this one the best of the 2. I didn't have enough time to quilt this one yesterday... but I plan to practise a bit more before I attempt the quilting of it.

Here is the other quilt top I made. It is made of flannel material and made with a new gizmo I bought at a craft fair this year. The gizmo is called "a square in a square ruler" was fun to use.

Tomorrow I hope to trim the above quilt and add the binding, then photograph it and show you my attempt at quilting.... trust me, my quilting needs a LOT more practising... I won't leave my day job!

Until next posting... Cheers...Jewells

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  1. Toni has sent me over -- Welcome to Blogland!!! Great quilts you have here -- I especially love the star quilt on this post!