Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sewed whole quilt for a customer!

A lady bought a couple of cot quilts off me just before Christmas and then asked if I could possibly finish a quilt she started 20 years ago.

"Started" meant, she had cut out a number of 10" square pieces of fabric from the red check & musky pink fabric (with scissors) and then hand appliqued 5 squares on point onto the check fabric..that's it.

She handed me all the fabric and said I could do what I liked with it to end up with a queen sized quilt....however she would like me to use the squares she had already done in the quilt.

I kept 4 of her appliqued squares and undid the 5th one and re-appliqued it.  Her 4 squares are the centre blocks on all 4 sides after the green plaid.
 I ended up appliqueing 8 extra squares & 12 hearts.  The just pieced it all together with the feature fabric in the centre.
 The colours were all very muddy looking, unlike colours I have every worked with.  The fabric was VERY good quality with a old musky smell to it (from being in a cupboard for 20 odd years!)
The quilt ended up measuring 93" square.  It is to go into a new home that is going to be built "log cabin" style, so this quilt should fit in just great.
Glad it is finished and NEVER again will I take on a quilt to sew and quilt... I will just quilt for other people and sew for pleasure on my own quilts.
Until next post...
PS: Nearly cut off time to join the Australian Swap!


  1. OMG..........what a challenge......well done.............

  2. Great effort! Must say I learnt that lesson a long time ago when someone asked me to make them some kitchen curtains. "Don't worry, I have them all cut out", she said. Well, they were all cut crooked, the lining wasn't the same size as the main fabric etc etc. They looked horrible when I finished, and I'm sure she thought it was my fault!
    Your quilt, however, looks lovely and I hope she appreciates all the effort.

  3. Looks fantastic but I'd have to agree, sew for yourself xx