Friday, January 23, 2015

From Lyn to me Oi! Oi! Oi!

Look what I got from Lyn (no blog) for my Australia Day swap.

Lyn certainly went to a lot of trouble (and expense) and bought something with the Australian Flag or animals on it (except for the letter "I") along with buying the item that starts with each letter.

A= Apron (with kangaroos)
U= Umbrella hat, Umbrella cocktail sticks (both with Aussie flags on them) and a Utensil
S= Strawberry Shopping Bag, Smelly Satchels, Stubbie Holder, Smilee Stickers
T= Tea Towel, Thread Box, Tape Measure
R= Ruler, Ribbon
A= Aussie Make-up Case
L= Licorice (Darrell Lea!), Lanyard
I= Ink Pen
A= Apple fabric, Australian Fabric

Aren't I a lucky duckie!

Until next post...

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