Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quilts Galore!- Sewn and Knitted

Since my last post, I have been either chained to the quilting machine or going to the dentist!
..the dentist is still trying to locate the problem, eliminating one thing at a time...did you know that each tooth has 3 nerves?.. and if one nerve dies, then problems start happening... he wants to save my tooth... a slow and annoying process...the dentist and I are certainly on first name basis now!

Now onto more enjoyable things...Quilts!
First, this quilt was the 5th one I have quilted for Robyn in Tasmania.  
She asked for the "meander" stitch.
Then a local lady dropped off a cot quilt for her niece or nephew (yet to be born) in Switzerland.  We decided on a "baby things" pattern with white thread.  (Doesn't show up in this photo).
Then my sister dropped off 2 lap quilts... I decided on the meander stitch on the cat one...
..then on the black & blue one, I matched the roses in the fabric with a rose stitch.
I phoned her to tell her they were done and her reply was "already?".
Before all the above quilts arrived, my Mum finished this queen sized quilt, and I eventually quilted it today.  I haven't photographed the whole quilt yet, but when I do, I will show it on my blog.

After Mum finishes a quilt, she has a break from sewing and does something else, so she knitted a blue & white baby rug for me to sell.
This rug is to go with a pink & white baby rug that I knitted (if you click here, it will take you to it) for my sale in December.  The patterns for this rug came from a book.
  As there aren't any quilts to be quilted at the moment, I got back onto my "Cat in the Hat" quilt... as I am making it up as I sew, it is not a quick project.

Until next post...


  1. Lovely quilting on some gorgeous quilts.

  2. my goodness they are all totally amazing....

  3. Trying to get together a pile of quilts to send you...hopefully in the next week...but I did say that last week!