Sunday, August 31, 2014

Applique, New Idea (for me) & a GIVE AWAY!

 I haven't made a quilt with applique for quite a while, so I decided to pull out a pattern I bought at the Sydney Quilt Show, raided my stash and got started.
 The "new idea" (for me) is making some 2 tier cake stands.
... well to be honest, "I" find the plates (at garage sales), "I" source the cake stems (on eBay), and "I" sweet talk my other half, and "he" drills the holes in the plates.
I am over the moon with how these plates have turned out.  I had enough of these plates to make 2 stands.

Now the GIVE AWAY!!!
 I was wondering on how I could entice more people to visit my blog and maybe become a "follower"?
TAH DAH!... have a GIVE AWAY.
I have made a Christmas Themed Tea-Towel and a Dish-Cloth to give away to one lucky person (Overseas people are also welcome to enter) who can answer the following question:

"What is the name of the child's book titled quilt I just finished making & recently blogged about?"

So pass the word, about the GIVE AWAY... I will draw the winner on Sept 16th at 10.20am (EST Australia)...why then you ask?...well 10 years ago at that time & day, I help deliver my Grand-daughter, "Jordarna".

Until next post...


  1. I like freebies :) :) 'Cat In The Hat' AND that 10 years still feels like yesterday!!

  2. Your appliqued owl is rather sweet, and your cake stand is very inventive.
    I would love to be included in the draw please, the answer is "Cat In The Hat".

  3. Love the little owl!! Cat in the hat was the title I think

  4. Love the applique ...what a fab idea with the cake stand...

  5. Cat in the Hat :) Love the plates / cake stand well done! Thank you for giving us international followers the opportunity to take part too!!

    Rose (NZ)

  6. Lovely plate stand. My husband does my drilling when I 'make' them too. I'm a little scared of drilling plates. He's not.
    Your recent book inspired quilt was from "The Cat in the Hat" and it is a very nice quilt indeed.

  7. You're braver than me to be drilling plates. It has turned out really well. I've seen them with cups on top too. Of course the book is "The Cat in the Hat." I hope you get some extra followers.

  8. I often visit but rarely comment so your lovely giveaway has made me do it
    Cat In a Hat

  9. 'The Cat In The Hat' - would love to be included in the giveaway. And I love the recycled plate cake stands!!