Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woodlands quilt finished

I bought this quilt kit "Woodlands" last time I was in the States.  I remember being in the store "The Stitchery Nook" with my friends, when I saw this kit on the half price stand   I snavelled it up and when I was paying for it, the shop owner said that I should buy the last one, same as this one, as well.  I shook my head and with great restraint to myself, I said that I didn't need two the same.
I am now kicking myself that I didn't buy the other one, as I could have kept this one and gave the other one away. It was a pleasure to make.
The quilt is about double bed size, and at first glance it looks like woodland animals in the wild, but at a closer look, you realise that the animals have taken on a quilting theme. 
The above picture shows a bear in a raft , towing another raft behind with a few bolts of fabric on it.
 This one is a raccoon going through a barrel of "Free Scraps"
and this one has one of the cubs looking up to Mum with a cotton reel in it's mouth.

One down, more to go.

Until next post...

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