Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last month's quilts!

You may wonder where I have been (that is if anyone follows my blog!
Maybe I am talking to myself! (First sign of madness eh?)

Well I have been busy "learning" my new Gammill quilting machine.  I have named her "Mary" old fashion name, but the reason she is called Mary, is because I use to live in Mary Street, and part of the proceeds from selling that place went into buying my Gammill machine...hence "MARY"!
 I have been quilting panels, then I find I have hours and hours of hand sewing the binding on, after I have attached it to the front of the quilt.  I did try to sell the panels WITHOUT binding sewn on (I was supplying the binding with the quilted panel) on eBay, but had no takers, so now I have attached the bindings and will probably hold onto them until my next sale in December.

I think I will put $25 on them, so they (hopefully) will fly out the door!
However, I have been sewing as well and using up some of my scraps, and have made one of these quilts, which was a tutorial many years ago on Crazy Mom Quilts. 

My scraps have made 3 scrap quilts in the last month, and the drawer the scraps were in was hard to close, but now it closes easily, but is still full... says something doesn't it?

I have 3 quilts sitting there waiting for me to find backing & wadding for them so I can quilt them.
Until next post...

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  1. Practice makes perfect! Sounds like you are enjoying Mary. Isn't great using up lots of scraps to make lovely BIG quilts? Not so when you have to find batting and backing though? Did you think about making a two sided quilt? That would use up more scraps.