Thursday, January 26, 2012

Problems along the way...

I got a shock when I got out the embroidered squares, and only found I had 10 of them, not the 12 I thought were there... so I tried to rearrange the blocks and realised that I really did want 12 blocks, so I went to my "horse/cowgirl" fabric and came up with this fabric, so I fussy cut it and (I think) it fits in nicely:

Then I realised that I did not have enough of the centre fabric, so off to the horse/cowgirl stash again and came up with this one:

So now I have six of each colour.

It is now past 5pm, I have made the 12 blocks and will stop for now and continue on it another day soon.

Until next post...



  1. I think your blocks turned out well and will great when you sew them all together.

  2. Love the little cowgirl block... so cute.
    The block will certainly work well for an eye spy quilt. Nice job! :)