Sunday, January 29, 2012


My boyfriend and I were watching the Tennis on TV Friday night, when he casually mentioned that he was asked to poison some blackberries on a friend's farm.
Now this got my attention, as I just LOVE blackberries and blackberry jam.
So after much tooing and froing, we decided to go blackberry picking BEFORE he did the dastardly deed of killing the shrub. Let's just say, out of the kilo "we" picked, he did most of the picking and has the scratches on his arms and legs to prove it.
I didn't expect to get much jam from a kilo, but was pleasantly surprised to get 6 small jars and 2 tiny jars of jam. I won't be selling any of this jam.

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  1. oh yum I love blackberry jam,I rememebr as a kid in Vic going and picking blackberries-stained clothes and all LOL..don't see any up hereand the bought stuff just don't cut it,cheers Vickie