Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sad ending to Jewells 2011 Easter Swap

It is sad to say that not everyone of the 24 ladies who participated, received their Easter Gifts.

Unfortunately the three ladies that never received their gifts all live in Australia and they were:
Jodie in NSW
Sheryl in Vic
and Me, Julie in NSW

The ladies who were to send to the above three have all sent their parcels, so looks like snail post has let us down... maybe next time (if I do a next time) I will ask that ALL parcels be REGISTERED, and that way they can all be tracked.

Until next post...



  1. Hi Julie,
    That's really sad. That's why I send everything registered, it's more expensive but that way I can track the packages.

  2. How sad. I would have remade and sent if my partner did not receive hers.

    Have comment as anonymous as blogger will not let me do so.

  3. I am so sorry yours didn't make it. I will get something else off to you soon. I promise. Life is just really hectic this spring for me. Weird they were all Aussie packages, makes one think a bit!

  4. Thats just really SAD by aust post isn't it! But I'm missing a few blocks in swaps too... and they are from OS... so it seems greed is everywhere! Fingers crossed they MIGHT still turn up? :(