Sunday, May 8, 2011

Block 11 Finished & Chokos

Today I managed to sit down and sew block 11 from The Fat Quarter Shop. It arrived late last month, and I only had time to sew it today.

It is called "The Basket of Good Cheer" and I really like this one!

I also have been busy making Choko Mustard Pickles. I was given a heap of chokos last week, as my choko vine isn't producing anything but leaves, so I made up 2 batches of pickles.

Then look what I found on my vine this first choko!

Until next post...



  1. The block is gorgeous, I love the colours.

    I have not eaten a choko for years, I was given some years and years ago and had no idea what to use them for, or how to cook them and I found a recipe for cream of choko soup. I recall it was quite delicious.

  2. i love the block and i love homemade pickles,well done Julie,happy mothers day