Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Knitted Scarf or Two

I have been knitting scarfs lately and decided to knit 2 from the same wool but change needles for the second one.
This is the first scarf and it is knitted with a 200gm ball of 8ply wool and on 4.5mm needles and 40 stitches wide.

I am now knitting the second one and it is the same wool, same amount of stitches but this time on 5mm needles... it is 1" wider that the other scarf!

At home today.. as I had a fall at work yesterday and had a bad night as I was aching all over. (landed heavily on my right hand and knee, no visual damage) As it is windy and cold today, I called in sick and stayed in bed till 10.30am, then got up, put the heater on and am staying inside next to the computer and TV... I think my body just went into shock and told me to take it easy for 24 hours.... as my daughter said..."old age Mum"...good on her!

Until next post...



  1. Take care Julie,sometimes those sort of falls can do magor damaged,maybe get checked by a doctor if still in pain tomorrow,cheeky daughter,lol.

  2. Hi Julie, sorry to hear of your fall. I hope the day resting at home has made you feel better, and that you are ok now.