Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A VERY productive Day

Yesterday I had both my embroidery and sewing machines going.

First I made these luggage labels for my Mum for part of her Mother's Day gift. I changed the "name & address" paper with her actual name and address which I printed out on the computer with a picture as well.
While I was sewing the labels, I embroidered these 2 towels:

I also embroidered 4 tea towels and 4 matching dish cloths:

Then I cut up a BRAND NEW bath robe made out of the cotton waffle like fabric I bought at a garage sale for $5 (it was still sealed in the packaging with labels) and made 4 tea towels and 4 dish cloths out of it with 4 little pieces left over which I put with my "dusters"... (well I didn't need a bath robe!... I bought it to cut up and make these)....actually my boyfriend picked up the robe and I said I didn't want it..and he just looked at me strangely and whispered "tea towels"... had to smile...he's learning quickly!

Today I will be sewing more towels, but will also be spending time with my boyfriend.

Until next post...



  1. you've been busy.........love the cows.........

  2. Julie you have been very busy,had to laugh you have trained your boyfriend very well,your towels are wonderful and the cow looks great,well done