Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Block Swap and Knitted Scarf

This month my swap partner wanted a block in yellow and blue.

As I have a lot of juvenile fabrics in my stash, I pulled out the Snoopy print and made this block.

I am still knitting the scarf from the homespun wool, and not enjoying it one bit. I was making it as part of a swap I am in, but I don't think I will end up sending it, as I am one who won't send something I wouldn't like to I think I will just finish it using 200 grams of the wool and maybe sell it, along with the other 200 grams of spun wool on eBay. (I can't add the photo, because for some reason the image button won't let me add the second photo!)... the beginning of the scarf is only a couple of entries back.

Until next post...



  1. what a lovely block Julie the yellow and blue look great together,well done

  2. What a lovely combination of fabrics,Snoopy is cute.