Monday, April 11, 2011

Parcels arrived today

I received a box from my friend Toni, and in it was many parcels for me. They were for 3 different occasions.
Firstly there was this parcel... it was a belated Birthday present... can you work out what it is?

I was very amused when I laid out the letters to spell my name!

I received another little gift for my Birthday, which I haven't photographed, as it is a self inking stamp that says ONE word...I can't write the word, but it is along the lines of a "male cow's excrement".....

Then I opened this parcel, which is another Easter swap we are in (off blog land)...we had to make a pair of pillowcases, cloth and chocolate:

Then there was this gift, which is yet another swap we are in... we had to send a magazine, drink mixture & scarf.. I was a bit naughty opening it, as Toni is VERY organised and sent this parcel a couple of months early!

Lastly, this is a block I received from Sylvia in the Quilting Block Swaps group I am in.

I wonder what the postman will bring tomorrow?? (probably bills!)

Until next post...



  1. Lucky you! You got some wonderful mail- that's for sure, love the letters spelling your name!

  2. what wonderful gifts Julie,enjoy.

  3. Well you had a exciting day! Lucky YoU! Wonderful array of "things" too! :)