Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finished THAT scarf and new fabric arrived

At long last I finished the pure wool scarf. I can now send a photo of the finished item to the lady whom I bought the spun wool from to prove I did actually knit half of it up.

I got a friend in the States to buy a yard of as much of the range of "Tweet Others with Kindness" by Kelly Mueller she could find. I saw a quilt made up from it in an American magazine and knew I just HAD to have it in my stash. I looked up the Australian shops I buy from and they didn't have it, so I asked a friend who lives in the States to buy it for me. With the Australian dollar so strong against the American dollar, I was able to get quite a lot.

After playing with the fabric, I will have to make something out of it.

Until next post...



  1. lovely fabric julie,i will keep my eye open to watch what goodies you make from it,lol

  2. oh the scarf looks cuddly..hmmm like very much the fabric you got,cheers Vickie