Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Happy Jan! :-(

On Friday morning my home computer beeped, screeched and then went quiet..... too quiet.

I shut it down and then tried to start again.... "no server found"..... this does not look good.

I had to wait until this morning (Tuesday) to take my "tower" to the computer Mr Fix-it Shop... things aren't open all day, every day here in "Hicksville"....

Just got the call from Mr Fix-it...my mother board is no more... have to order one in, and as mine is an old computer, they will have to upgrade it to be "just like new".... this will take a few days... again, things aren't quick here in Hicksville!

The mother board alone is $230, then you have to add labour and of course they will probably find something else that "has" to done... GROAN!

So, until I get "my" computer back, I can only sneak onto "my" sites in between jobs while I am at work...SOB!!

(For those who aren't in Australia... "not happy Jan" is a TV commercial that has ran here on and off for a few years .. the person was not happy with "Jan" as Jan forgot to place an add in the Yellow Pages phone book.)

Until next post...


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  1. Don't you hate that! Hopefully everything will be up and running again fairly soon. Technology is great while it's working, but when it isn't.......GRRRRR