Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm reading and sewing

I googled "Secret Santa" a few weeks ago, looking to see if there were more swaps out there in blogland, and up came many finds about the Secret Santa of USA... and there is a book written about him. He has also been interviewed (in disguise) on the Oprah Show... I was fascinated, so found the book in Amazon Books...none here in Australia for sale, and read it as soon as I got it....

This man gives away $100 notes around Christmas time and it has run into over one million dollars he has given away.... a story that makes you realise there is good out there in this world... the book was written in 2007, so I don't know if he is still doing it, as he was fighting cancer and would be in his sixties.

A "good feeling" book.... Santa's Secret - A Story of Hope... written by Donna McGuire.

...and yes, I am doing some sewing, but as it is my Secret Santa gifts to my swap partners, I can't show it to you, but here is a little peek!

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  1. what a great story! there is much good in the world!
    and i love the santa fabric