Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leftover Wool Scarf & Crochet Book

As I don't like waste, I was thinking of knitting another beanie, but I didn't think there will be enough wool left for that, so I decided to knit up this scarf. I will just keep knitting until I run out of wool. It is a 10ply pure wool and the scarf is knitting up so soft, which I found to be a surprise!

I also have been looking at and ordering some craft and reading books last week and this in one that is so "yummy" (if a book can be yummy!) and I am itching to do some crocheting again.... so much to do, so little time...wish I didn't HAVE to work!

Until next post...


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  1. What a fantastic book Julie, where did you get it??? That wool is a fantastic colour! toni xxx