Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitchen Set Finished

A friend (Betty) of a friend (Robyn) knew I made dishcloths as she received one as a gift from Robyn, so she contacted me and asked if I made a cloth and something else that matched the cloth...I said I made a tea-towel and dish cloth set, but she wanted more, so I told her that I had made pot-holders as well.... upon hearing this, Betty commissioned me to make a set.

Betty told me that the person who will be receiving this set as a gift loves homemade items and treasures them more than the expensive ornaments (dust collectors) that Betty has given her in the past. Betty says that she is in a "win, win" situation with buying a homemade gift from me for $20, as it is a lot, lot cheaper and will be appreciated a lot, lot more... makes me think I might be too cheap???

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