Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Knitted Sailboat Cloth

I have been asked by a friend to make 4 tea-towel & knitted cloth sets for her to give as Christmas presents, so I went looking for some nice border prints to decorate the tea-towels, and this is one I found:

Next I had to find a cloth pattern to knit, so I went looking on the computer and found the following pattern here, then I knitted it up and this is what it looked like:

However, I wasn't happy with it, as it didn't look like the sailboat on my material. I decided to design a cloth myself, so out came some graph paper, and I knitted this one:

It still wasn't quite right, so out came more paper and this is what I ended up with: (if you click on the photo, it shows up a lot better).

As I have knitted up a lot of cloths that I have obtained from the computer for free, I thought I would return the favour and pass it on... I have tried to include it here, by copying & pasting, but it won't accept it... so I am doing a separated post with just the pattern, which follows this one...
Until next post...


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