Friday, May 28, 2010

Silver Label Spoons & Bibs/Burp Cloths

It is the HUGE Film Festival in Dungog and I just happen to live in Dungog, so my friend who owns the second hand bookshop in the main street of Dungog asked me to have a stall selling my wares tomorrow morning (Saturday) in front of her shop.

So I made more of my spoons and hope to sell them (photo doesn't do them justice):

Plus I have made some New Born bib and burp cloth sets and hope to sell heaps of them too:

They are soooo cute!

Makes you all clucky, doesn't it???

I have decorated some "onesees" as well that match some of the bib sets. (No photos of them).

Hopefully the bad weather holds off, as there is a street parade at 10.30am tomorrow, so lots and lots of people should be around.... Dungog swells with over 6,000 people coming for the film festival and that is over 3 times the population here!

Wish me luck!!!!

Until next post... (off to collect my Mum now!)


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  1. Good luck with the sales, those spoons are great! Saw the Dungog film festival on the news the other night, how exciting having such a respected event in your town. Got to see the lovely town of Dungog for the first time too.