Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update your Blog Mum!!

Yes, I've been told to update my blog by my daughter... she is sick of logging on to find nothing new has been added... so here 'tis dear daughter!

I have been so busy at work, still trying to see what the top of my desk looks like under all that paperwork... but I have been doing some of my much loved craft lately too.

Firstly, I proof read patchwork patterns for a friend who writes them, and this pattern is so adorable, I thought I would make the quilt while proofing it.... so far I have made all this, but now I am waiting on Australia Post to deliver the rest of the pattern... it seems to have been lost in the mail, which is very frustrating, as I just want to get in and make it... will keep you updated

Next is the jumper I am knitting for my boyfriend, so far the back is done and now I am working my way up the front.

I also have made a couple of "Sunflower Kitchen Sets", I have made the dish cloths, tea towels and the potholders need the binding to be hand sewn down.

Lastly, I have managed to get some more spoon to be made into garden labels. I have flattened them (yes, I even flatten some of them this time) and now they are at work, awaiting the mechanic to have some spare time to print the names into them... was thinking of having "spuds" and even "weeds" on a couple!

Until next post...


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