Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garage Sale Bargain!

I just LOVE garage sales, but I hate getting up so early to go to them.
You see, I live in a small country town that might have a garage sale once in a blue moon, so my boyfriend and I travel 40 mins on a Saturday morning (after he has milked his dairy cows), leaving his place around 6.30am to go to about 8 garage sales that usually start at 7am... we are never the early birds to get the first bargains!

Last Saturday, I bought this framed water colour for $3. I fell in love with it straight away and brought it home and it now is hanging in my bathroom.

Friends are starting to put in orders for items "if we see them"... so far we have filled all orders such as: fire screen, spice rack, tent poles and special books.

Wonder what I will find this Saturday?

Until next post..



  1. I love garage "sailing" too. It's so much fun picking up a bargain.

  2. Oh that is a cute picture! So perfect for a bathroom. I love going to Garage Sales going but I seldom do.

  3. Julie - Thank you so much for picking my name for your give-a-way! It's a lovely kit. I've already had it out admiring the fabrics, thread and beads. I can't wait to start it. THANK YOU!!!!