Friday, June 4, 2010

Market Stall Sales

As mentioned in my last blog, I held a stall last weekend, selling my spoons, dishcloths and baby bib/burp cloth sets and had a good time talking to people and even making a few sales.... hey I made more money sitting at my stall than sitting at home!

I was selling my spoons for $4 each or 3 for $10, the dishcloths for $4 and $5 each and the bib/burp cloth sets for $6.

I found that all the spoons with "Thyme, Dill" etc sold like hotcakes, and the others with "Weeds, Spuds, Veges & My Patch" didn't sell as well. So now I know to just put different herbs on nearly all the spoons.

Now I have decided to try and sell my spoons, dishcloths & baby sets through my blog, so I contacted a friend to tell me how to set this up.... and she has mentioned she was interested in buying some of the remaining spoons... (must get back to her with what I have at the moment)... well we sort of got off the subject and I still haven't found out how to set up my selling side... gotta find out how to add pay pal too!!!!

Until next post...



  1. I'm glad you did well with your stall. How did the weather end up? We had a really bleak weekend down our way. I hope yours was better.

  2. I would not mind 'empty' for my garden please :)