Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh NO!! I could cry!! SOB!!!

On an earlier post, here, I mentioned how I knitted a doubled breasted cardigan for my then 7 month old grandson. It was knitted in size 1-2 years, but unfortuneately it was to small for him, so my daughter asked me to make another one for him.

So I did, this time making it size 6-7 years, knowing he will grow into it one winter. I have literally finished sewing it up tonight, buttons and all. Then it struck me, a MAJOR error...

Can you see the error????

There is NO WAY I am making a third one.

Until next post....

SOB!!!... Jewells


  1. You know he's still young enough not to worry about which way they go! I'm sure his mum will only see the love with which it was made. It certainly looks very cosy.

  2. I don't think anyone worries about the buttons being on the right or wrong side anymore, it's gorgeous, don't worry about it :O)
    toni xxx

  3. Oh Julie, I know just how you feel. Really don't think anyone would notice. It is darling and you worked so hard on it.

  4. Don't worry, he would be much more concerned if it was pink...he will just enjoy being snuggly warm.