Sunday, December 13, 2009

Garage Sales

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to a few Garage Sales and had a wonderful time. There was a lady selling children's books, hardcover and soft cover and most of them have never been read, let alone have pen marks or children's names in the front pages. I have a suspicion that the lady might have owned a bookshop! I went to her garage sale last weekend and bought some sets of books and saw she was having another sale this weekend, so I phoned a friend of mine who owns a second hand bookshop. She ended up telling me to offer the lady an amount for a "bulk lot", so I did (I took every book she had for sale EXCEPT the Little Golden Books), and look what I came home with for $110! You should have seen my poor little car, the boot was full to the brim and the whole back seat was covered with books, the back of the car was visibly lower over the wheels!... I was picturing my front wheels rearing up and my exhaust dragging on the ground.

So, tonight I got them all out and removed all the price stickers off them and sort of sorted them in piles. There is a pile of Dr Seuss books, the tall pile is Disney's story books (all hardcover and perfect condition), there is the 4 Enid Blyton books of the Faraway Tree Series, books from kid's TV shows and the list goes on. Even thou the photo doesn't show it, there must be at least 200 books there... I am like a pig in mud amongst the books!

There are books there I know I could sell on eBay, but I will give them all to my friend for her shop, but I have kept a couple for my grandchildren... just asked my daughter about "Clifford the dog" and is he on TV and I got the "oh Mum!" answer, so those books have been snavelled for them.

Must get the books in some boxes now.

Until next post.


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  1. What a find Julie!...looks like a few nights of good reading ahead before you hand them on! LOL