Sunday, November 15, 2009

First and Second Awards for Patchwork Quilts at Show

This weekend was the local Annual Show, so I entered 3 of my quilts and was very lucky to receive First Prize with this quilt under the section "Christmas Article Sewn".

Here is what the whole quilt looks like. This pattern was designed by a friend of mine, Toni, who designs and sells quilt patterns on her blog "The Red Boot Company". This quilt pattern was designed for a Mystery Block of the Month for an American group and I proof read the pattern for Toni before she sent each installment... I found the easiest way to proof read was to actually make it along the way. I was very happy with the end product!

(You can click on the image for a larger picture).

...and I received Second Prize with this quilt under the section "Patchwork Quilt-with Embroidery-Machine or Hand".
I embroidered the animals with 2 strands of thread in back stitch, but didn't realise when the quilt was quilted, I would loose the stand out feature of the animals... I now embroider with 3 strands of thread. The animals don't show up very well in the photographs, but to the naked eye, they are more noticeable.
I used a "Ella & Skysie Designs" pattern for the embroidery and the alternate squares, then added my own ideas to make this a larger quilt.
Again, I have no idea what to do with the quilts... I am thinking of holding a quilt selling day and sell off my quilts at cost price so I can have spending money to make more quilts that I have no idea what to do with...sounds familiar?? My biggest expense is getting them quilted, as I don't like doing that myself.
Until next blog.


  1. congrats on your big christmas quilt.........

  2. A BIG congratulations on winning first and second prizes! I had forgotten you had made the Christmas quilt, and that you put teddy bears on it! xxx

  3. Well done! I bet you were excited. Both the quilts look terrific.

  4. Hi Julie, well done on your prizes. I love the Christmas quilt!