Monday, March 18, 2019

More Aussie Pillowcases

Last weekend, I made up another 16 pillowcases, 
using up all of the Aussie fabric I had purchased.
 I uploaded this picture on Facebook to show my friends what sewing I had done over the weekend, and straight away, I was asked how much I was selling them for.
I hadn't even worked out the price when a friend bought the flag ones.

I had only had enough fabric for one pair of pillowcases in the flag material and the same friend asked for 2 pairs...I was unable to buy anymore from the local quilt shop, but I sent a private photo to her of what I had made from the left over fabric:
She bought them also!
The pillowcases would be GREAT gifts for overseas friends, as they are "Australian" and MADE IN AUSTRALIA (not China, like most Australian souvenirs)
 plus they are flat and don't weigh too much to post!
Goes to show, I should have bought more than half a metre of the Aussie flag fabric!
Until next post...


  1. You are sewing up a storm Julie. Well done on some GReaT items...xox

  2. Fantastic Aussie made gifts 🎁