Friday, March 15, 2019

American Pillowcases with an Aussie Twist

 I have been adapting an American pillowcase pattern to have an Australian twist.

 American pillow cases are the same front & back, so when you sleep on them, you end up with a seam mark imprinted on your face, plus they DON'T have the inside fold to "tuck" your pillow in.
American Pillowcase
I have come up with an "American" front, a back with no seams that you can sleep on, plus the inside fold to keep your pillow in the pillowcase.
FRONT of my version

BACK of my version

INSIDE of my version
So, seeing I was happy with my version, I cut out and made a "few" more!
19 Pillowcases
They are all Australian themed, except for the bottom row.

I am sure there is a pattern out there with all this, but, hey!,....
 I'm happy with what "I" came up with.

Today, I am quilting a customer's quilt.

Until next post...

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  1. That's a fantastic idea Julie. Well done & I hope you sell heaps... xox