Friday, February 22, 2019

Day 2 of catch up = Cot Quilt Panels

Wonder if anyone is still following me?
hope I haven't dropped off their "favourite" list!
Well here are  more photos:
Firstly a Christmas panel
 then the last of my Bambi panels
 then I made up this cot quilt with my fabrics
the with the left over fabric from the panel I used in the stars in the above quilt..I made this one up.
Not real happy with the end result...think I should have had tram lines in between the squares
then it would have been too big for a cot quilt!
Then I bought 3 of the following tractor panels with matching hardcover books.
I made up 2 exactly the same
and had tractor fabric in my stash for the backing
Then I made up as I sewed, the third panel into a larger quilt 
 (61" x 67")
 and had a plain backing for it.
Well that is the cot quilts.
More pictures of other sewing tomorrow...
Until next post...


  1. My word Jewells - you have been super busy!! Love your work.

  2. You are certainly producing some wonderful items.
    Great work... xox

  3. Lots of beautiful finishes and my DD often makes kids quilts to go with books.. Great idea...