Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tidying Linen Cupboards, Making Pickles & Finishing Books

Today I finished re-organizing my 2 linen cupboards:
 How many towels does a girl need? as well as the towels in the above picture, there is another shelf on the very top of the cupboard that is full to the top with towels.  I have even disposed of over 20 towels!
 All the sheets & doona covers are neatly folded...I wonder how long it will last.
This morning I soaked the vegetables and then cooked zucchini pickles this afternoon.
The back 3 bottles are the normal recipe, then the front 4 bottle are "diabetic" pickles.  As I sell my preserves, I am forever asked if I make diabetic pickles or jam...so I bought a bottle of "Stevia" (a diabetic sweetener) and will see if it sells, as my figs are starting to ripen and I will be making HEAPS of Fig Jam soon....normal & diabetic.
Lastly, tonight, I finished book 3 (the last in the series) in the Amish Murder Mysteries.  I am a slow reader and only can read flat on my back, otherwise I kink my neck.  I won't pick up another book for a few weeks as all I want to do is finish the book....and when there are 3 to the series, I finish one & start the next straight away.  Nothing much got done when I read the Billabong series that had 15 books!

Must do some sewing tomorrow.

Until next post...


  1. All busy on the home front - sad when it has to take precedence to sewing isn't it!! I don't read very often iether for the same reason - just don't put them down until I have finished!

  2. I have a few Amish series from years ago, it didn't realise they also had a murder series - Interesting to try the stevia, I'm in the midst of making up tomato relish today

  3. I enjoyed those books but I did then audio version....great job on the cupboards 💖💖💖

  4. You have been very domestic. Great job. I have the same problem when I read a book. I've taken one to work to read in my lunch breaks and I'm not bringing it home until it's finished, so that I don't just sit and read. I read a few of the Billabong books as a teenager. They are all on my shelf waiting for me to read them all. I may have to ration those too.

  5. I have talking books on my phone....... Borrow box it's thru the library.....