Sunday, January 15, 2017


In my last post I mentioned I had cut out some children's pyjamas and hoped to sew the the next day...well "life" got in the way and I finally finished them today.
From this:
 to this...and...
I then decided to make a pair of Australian themed pillowcases, using an American pattern (their pillowcases don't have the inside flap that you "tuck" the pillow in with) and made these:
At the same time, I have been keeping Mum busy with a cute cot quilt that I saw on Pinterest.  She has finished sewing it and now I have to quilt & bind it before I take a photo.

Until next post...


  1. Fabulous job of PJ making and pillow slips too.

  2. pillowslips look great. PJ's bring on thoughts of winter - ooh how welcome that would be at the beginning of a 37+ week!!