Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I joined another swap!

Yes...I joined another swap ... this time it is a Valentine Swap, run by Cheryll and is called 
Initial Heart Swap... I'm on a roll!
Today I finished the Easter Bon-Bons:
 So...like hanging a stocking out for Santa Claus to fill.....
 ...you can put an Easter Bon-Bon out for Easter Bunny to fill.
Then after the eggs have all gone, you can fill the bon-bons with all sorts of things...
 ...like cotton balls, cotton buds, lip sticks...
...or a thread catcher beside your sewing machine!

Until next post...


  1. Woohoo - another swap and a second post for the year - you arte on a roll!!

  2. How cute, these look fabulous! I use the thread catcher you made me one Aussie swap a couple years back, love it!

  3. Yay for Cheryll and her swaps. Loving those cute thread catchers