Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new plan!

Today I got a "loan" of a treadmill so I can see if walking on it is easier for me and my knees.

I "plan" to get up each morning, throw on some clothes and "walk" for 30mins in front of the TV.  Then I will shower and eat my breakfast. 
I NEVER watch morning TV, so this will be interesting.

I am hoping that this new routine will be easier to stick to, then going walking "the streets" in the afternoons.
Until next post...


  1. walking in the mornings is always easier for me and i get it over and done with..........not keen on a treadmill but goodluck..........do you have good joggers to walk in?

  2. Going walking, as soon as you get out of bed, is definitely the best way for it to become a regular habit. On a walker you dont have any excuse when bad weather hits either. Hope your health improves. As I said on the phone... YoU have to look after YoU. Xox

  3. I hope it works well for you. Winter isn't very conducive to going for a walk.