Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bugs Galore!

Just finished quilting & binding this quilt. I bought the kit in the States last June. It is 50" x 60". Another "Mum & Me" effort. 

 Unfortunately, Mum's dementia is getting pretty bad, so she won't be doing much more sewing... she now can't do applique and found this quilt hard to comprehend how the borders went around each it looks like straight sewing from now on, until she forgets how to do that...sad...very sad.

Until next post...


  1. A happy Bright Quilt...
    Sorry to read Mum is finding some sewing difficult..

  2. Oh Julie, that is sad to read, I'm sorry to read of your Mums health... how very loving of you to continue to encourage some sewing from her, in the face of her regressing skills... I'm sure that somewhere in her, she appreciates it.
    Great kit & fab finish xx