Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preparing for Blog Weekend

I must think I am an over-achiever...
I have 5 projects cut and ready to take to the "Blog Weekend" in Bathurst to make...
Pink Cot Quilt, Blue Cot Quilt, Zippered Bags, Bon-Bons & Knee Rug...
 I really am being a bit optimistic, don't you think?? LOL!

Plus I bought this 37" wide roll of soft, but fairly sturdy vinyl/plastic(?) at a price I couldn't is sort of like what you would put on an outside table for a bar b q or picnic..... well what can I make out of it?
 Today I quilted & sewed on the binding on 2 of these cot quilt panels.  I bought quite a few of this design as they have been selling very well.
This morning at 9am, I was up to date with customer quilts, however by 3pm this afternoon, I have 7 quilts waiting to be quilted.... no more "free time" for a while.

Until next post...


  1. Best to be over ambitious rather than running out of things to do. I'll have to fish something out for me to do. The weekend will be here before we know it. Your cot quilt is cute.

  2. Lucky you have your projects ready for retreat as you'll be busy with the quilting....

  3. wow you are sew organised be over ambitious then not have enough........

  4. You are so organised! The cot quilt is lovely.