Sunday, September 6, 2015

Christmas Quilt & Cute Washers

I saw this cute pattern called "Little Joys Quilt Along"  on The Jolly Jabber Blog and couldn't resist it.  So, as usual, I cut, ironed, quilted and bound and Mum did all the sewing.
As I don't like waste, I made half square triangles out of the cut off corner pieces, while making the Christmas Trees and decided to enlarge the quilt a bit by added them to it.
The pattern I quilted it with was a cute "Bauble" stitch.
 Did you notice this sign above the quilt in the first picture?
It says "A Quilter Lives Here"
As I don't like putting small pieces of fabric away in my stash, I used it up as a panel down the back of the quilt.
 Meanwhile, at night time, while the quilting & sewing machines are at rest, I enjoy sleeping knitting in front of the TV.  I just love Down Cloverlaine's Blog (listed on "My Blog List") as she writes WONDERFUL cloth patterns.  She adapts all cloth patterns to baby bib patterns too. 
I just LOVE her blog...but I repeat myself.
Here is a Starfish Cloth...
 ...and here is a Whale cloth.
Well, I must get onto quilting a customer's quilt.

Until next post...


  1. Just gorgeous jewells... but your work and mums always wonderful!

  2. Your Christmas quilt is just beautiful and your little helper is such a treasure.