Saturday, September 26, 2015

Out with the old & in with the new!

Yesterday, Stew, Casserole & T-Bone (we have owned them for 2 years) were sold at the Dungog Cattle Sales and they brought in the highest price for the day...even beating the top price paid for a cow & calf... we were happy with that!
It was the first time I have been to a cattle sale...interesting!
I went to the pen where they were being held before the sale, to see them and when they heard my voice, they turned around and looked at me, as if they were saying "what are we doing here?"
Then again, when they were being sold, I was in the front row (so I could hear & see what was going on) and they saw me and kept looking at me.
I wasn't sad about seeing them go, as in the last few weeks they have been pushing & shoving each other, and that was upsetting I asked Bruce (my "husband"!) when it was time to sell them...he said that it was time and he was afraid to mention it to me, as he thought it would upset me. 
So off they went to the next market. Sirloin, Mince, Fillet & Rump... they arrived yesterday morning and will be keeping us company for about 2 years.
I had forgotten how small they are when we first get them!
 Now I have to train them to come when I call.
Until next post...


  1. Lol!!! We had Soup Bones, T-Bone and Rump many years ago - they were sold privately. Top price eh - will we be seeing the demise of the quilting machine to be replaced by the beef herd!! I never went to the sales on the day my poddy lambs were being sold - they would pick me out and bleat to me - I didn't like feeling guilty!!