Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh No!

My grand daughter got hurt at school, during lunch time today, went to the teacher, crying & telling her it hurt, and the teacher said "it's alright, just tell your Mum after school".... which she did when she was picked up after school... one look at the wrist & my daughter took her straight to hospital...
Yer, one broken wrist later.
She is right handed, plays the saxophone in the school orchestra which performs in the next couple of weeks at a concert, and has to represent the zone in cross country soon... I don't think so!!!

Until next post...


  1. Poor girl... Hope it heals quickly for her... Xox

  2. Poor darling hope she feels better soon...bad teacher for not doing something..the poor thing must have been in pain.x

  3. Oh no! Rotten teacher for not looking into your GDs injury sooner. Hope it heals soon.