Friday, May 8, 2015

Handing out donated quilts

In the past 3 days, I have received 16 quilts to hand out to some of the flood victims of Dungog.
Here is the back seat on my car, all ready to take them to the people.
 Jean was the first to receive a quilt.  Jean's aged unit (which she owns) was flooded to the ceiling and now she is temporarily housed at the local Motel.
Beth's unit was also flooded to the ceiling, she too is temporarily housed at the local Motel.
Don & Thea's home of over 50 years was flooded over the roof.  They are temporarily housed in a vacant home that is on the market to sell.

Elaine & her son are temporarily staying with a friend.  Her house flooded just under ceiling height and now all inside walls are knocked out & seeing if the structure is sound enough to stay or start from scratch.
Here I am with Elaine with the 2 quilts I gave here, one for her son as well as one for herself.
Colleen, my friend, whose house was one of the homes we all saw on TV floating away.  I gave her one of my king sized quilts that I made to sell  at my Annual Quilt Sale.  Colleen & her husband are temporarily staying at the  local pub.
Colleen's Mum, Heather, who lives with Colleen, as Colleen is her carer.  Heather is at present, staying with Colleen's eldest daughter's home, along with her granddaughter's husband & 2 boys.
Keegan, Colleen's son, who lived next door to Colleen.  His home floated away too.  He is, at present, staying with friends.

They are all humbled and exceedingly grateful to unknown strangers, who have given quilts at their time of need.

I too, am so grateful to all those who have sent, or are still to send, their quilts of love to these people.  I have shed many tears this afternoon, while handing out these quilts (and others).

Until next post..


  1. Oh Jewells just hope the quilts give all those lovely folk a bit of cheer. Just sew sad...

  2. Kate and I got a quilt top finished last night...............Jan is going to quilt it for us so another one will be on it's way...............
    such precious pics thanks for sharing................

  3. So beautiful Julie....You are an angel....I can't wait to see who Chooky and I make smile.....I feel so humbled to be a part of this generous act xx

  4. Lovely to see the photos, Julie thanks for giving us the opportunity to help out. My best wishes to you and the people of Dungog for a speedy recovery.

  5. Just to see their smiling faces... well... it says it all doesn't it.
    Well done Jewells. xox

  6. Thank you for sharing the photos, so lovely to see where the quilts have gone to. Thanks for organising this Jewells and bringing joy to these people